SEATTLE — From something called lymphatic drainage to ultrasonic cavitation to amethyst biomat treatment or just a good old-fashioned massage, City Sweats in Seattle's got you covered. But the star of the show is the infrared sauna.

"You haven't sweated this hard until you've done an infrared," says founder Dee Alams, a former athlete who calls the treatment "life-changing."

It is the sauna of choice for Hollywood elite like Jennifer Aniston, LL Cool J and the Kardashians.

Dee says an infrared sauna penetrates 3 inches below the skin's surface, unlike a traditional sauna.

"Everything we do here goes straight to your cellular level and helps detox and remove toxins out of your system," she says.

It's been called the "non-workout workout."

"You can easily burn up to like 700 calories in one 45 minute session. We've had people wear little fit bits and actually see that calorie burn," Dee says.

City Sweats also offers facials, a tonic bar and a beach, relaxation room where you can literally sink your feet into the sand.

"Most people feel lost. They don't feel like they're in Seattle. They're just like, it feels like a totally different place.," says Dee.

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