AUBURN, Wash. — Carol Chen Lord flips through the pages of fashion magazines, looking for colors she wants to use. Then she begins tearing. 

"When you tear, there're unexpected turns because you go with the paper's grain," she said.

"I like the sound of tearing. Sometimes you want a straight line but it goes off to the left or off to the right and those surprises are almost like painting when you mix colors. Anything works, even black and white." 

The page may begin as a model showing off the latest fashion but can end up as a trail through the woods or a sunny beach, it all depends on where Carol's imagination takes it. 

"Get rid of the image but just use the colors. Evolve from there your own imagination," she said. "I try to push it and see what I can make just out of this page." 

"You just throw yourself into that scenery. I see butterflies. I see the sun glaring through the leaves into my eyes. The painting actually has its own life."

Carol explained that her work is like meditation or like working on a puzzle. Choosing the image or the colors is part of it but she also enjoys figuring out how to physically construct the scene. 

"I can make almost anything. So to me, the sky is the limit." 

Carol sells her work at Pike Place Market, so keep an eye out for her there!

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