SPOKANE, Wash. — Sunday may provide the last chance for people in Spokane and North Idaho to view the Northern Lights on Labor Day weekend.

Northern U.S. states, including Washington, Idaho and Montana, fall into the viewing area for aurora borealis over the Labor Day weekend.

The aurora are also known as the Northern Lights. 

The National Weather Service says there will be escalating geomagnetic storm conditions from late Saturday into Sunday, resulting in improved conditions to view the space spectacle. 

It's suggested that the best times to be outside come between about 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. 

The best areas to see the sight are typically scarcely populated and lack light pollution. City lights can often inhibit the view, which is why many photographers and star-gazers tend to travel to quiet, dark locations. 


Northern Lights are best viewed with clear skies and a lack of cloud cover. 

There may be a few lingering clouds around the Inland Northwest over the weekend, but mostly clear conditions should prevail on Sunday. 

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Updates about Northern Lights viewing are available on the Space Weather Prediction website

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