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Biking to work is the way to alleviate Seattle's traffic woes, local biking groups say

Even Seattle giants like Amazon are getting on board with biking by offering employees money to cycle instead of drive to work.

SEATTLE — As employees return to work in person, Seattle employers are turning to a new mode of transportation to alleviate traffic congestion: biking. 

One of Seattle's biggest employers is now getting on board. 

Amazon announced it will give employees a $170 monthly subsidy to cover bike leases, maintenance and parking in order to encourage them to bike to work. 

The Cascade Bike Club, Washington's largest statewide cycling association, said it's a step in the right direction. 

“Transportation is the leading source of carbon emission in Seattle and nationwide, so we encourage more employers to do the same as we all work to reduce the carbon emissions, improve air quality, alleviate traffic congestion, as well as boost health and wellness," the Cascade Bike Club said in a statement to KING 5.

The subsidy is available to all Amazon corporate employees nationwide, and could possibly take more than 60,000 employees out of their cars, and into the bike lane, which could have massive traffic impacts in the Puget Sound. 

Amazon employee Rob Munoz said he already bikes to work five days a week, and a subsidy will ensure more employees can follow suit. 

“The tune-ups can be more than a hundred bucks so this is a big deal," Munoz said.