It was 5 a.m. on a cold, wet Tuesday. No one, least of all a high school student, would be enthused to be awake and outside.

Yet, there they were.

Nearly 100 students who had collected thousands of food items over a few weeks were now boxing it up for delivery to their neighbors.

The students delivered some 500 boxes to 142 families across the city for their Thanksgiving feasts.

One of the recipients was Dorina Marker, a single mother struggling with opioid addiction.

"I'm so thankful," she said while wiping away tears.

Marker said she starts treatment in two weeks and the kindness of the students is one more thing that's inspiring her to do the right thing.

"There are a lot of people in my position," she said. "I'm amazed at how kind people are. It's very much a blessing."

"It makes you realize what you have compared to other people and it makes you understand to not take things for granted," said senior Kate Garton.

"I think the best part is knowing that we made a difference," added student Derek Tran. "People really appreciate what we're doing."