Out of his basement in Burien, Alexander Codd makes his magic. The University of Washington graduate says he spends about 90% of his time working in the basement on his art.

“Everyday is different. There’s a sense of routine, but it’s a very loose routine,” Codd said. “However, I feel that day is something that I can kind of shape and mold into whatever I want it to be.”

Codd loves painting players on the Seahawks. In recent years he’s painted everyone from Russell Wilson to Marshawn Lynch to Doug Baldwin. Recently, his work caught the attention of the team.

Codd was at a book signing with Doug Baldwin when he gave the Seahawks Wide Receiver his portrait.

“I presented him the painting and he grabs a marker to sign it and I’m like ‘No dude this is for you,” Codd said. “It seemed like he was genuinely surprised which was really cool.”

Baldwin later posted a picture of the painting on his Instagram calling it “Probably my favorite gift from a fan. Ever.”

Codd also drew Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Marshawn Lynch, just to name a few.

Sherman smiled for pictures after he received the painting Codd gave him. Codd gave Marshawn his portrait as well, but when he presented it to him Marshawn replied by saying ‘I can’t take this.’ Marshawn then took out a Sharpie and asked Alexander ‘Can I give you a gift?’ Marshawn signed the portrait and handed it back to him. It now hangs proudly in Codd’s basement.

His art started as a hobby in his fraternity at the University of Washington. Now just a few years later he’s one of the Seattle area’s best emerging artists.

If you are interested in purchasing some of his incredible work you can buy it through his website at acodd.com .