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Rams copying Seahawks model, now look like Super Bowl favorite

The L.A. Rams are loading up for a Super Bowl run, and they way they are doing it looks very much like the Super Bowl Seahawks.

The Seahawks' division rival L.A. Rams are going all-in on a Super Bowl run.

On Tuesday, the Rams traded their 2018 first round draft pick -- No. 23 overall -- to the New England Patriots for receiver Brandin Cooks. Call it a consolation prize for missing out on an overpriced Odell Beckham Jr.

The Rams are mirroring a lot of what the Seahawks did a few years back: great quarterback and running back, both on affordable, rookie contracts. That allows the team to spend big elsewhere.

Cooks is in the final year of his contract. The rams also signed defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh to a one-year deal. They traded for cornerbacks Aqib Talib and former Washington Husky Marcus Peters.

To top it off, they have the best defensive player in the game in Aaron Donald, and because of their low-budget offense, they can afford to sign him to a big contract.

That's a team packed with starts.

Nevermind the NFC West. The Rams are easily now a Super Bowl favorite.