When a new state law is named after someone, often the person has passed away. The namesake of what could be “Jeremy’s Law” nearly died of a heroin overdose, twice.

“All the doctors and nurses were really surprised I made it through,” said Jeremy Wolfe, “They were like, ‘You were a miracle story.’”

Wolfe told his story of opioid addiction recovery to state senators Friday morning during testimony over the bill that could share his name.

The law would require anyone who prescribes opioids to offer patients a written warning about the potential dangers of addiction.

Wolfe was 14 when a doctor prescribed OxyContin and Vicodin for knee pain. He said he became addicted to pain medications which eventually led him to try heroin.

“I want this bill to pass so nobody has to go through the stuff that I went through,” Wolfe told legislators.