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Washington law regulating toxic chemicals in products is strongest in US

Toxins are all around us. A new state law is leading the charge to regulate them.

SEATTLE — Washington state now has the strongest law in the country when it comes to regulating toxic chemicals in products. Governor Jay Inslee signed the legislation last month, called the Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act.

The organization Toxic-Free Future spent more than a decade working with many other allies to get this legislation introduced. It gives state agencies the ability to ban chemicals and require the disclosure of harmful chemicals in everything from personal products to household items. 

Erika Schreder, science director for Toxic-Free Future, cited scientific research as well as studies done by their own organization as showing the chemicals in these products have a significant impact on not just our personal health, but on our environment as well.

Dr. Lora Shahine, a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility doctor) with Pacific Northwest Fertility in Seattle, became a big supporter of the law after she says she saw evidence in her own practice of the negative impacts exposure to toxins has on fertility and pregnancy outcomes. 

Other backers included the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters, Beautycounter, and local architects. 

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