Parking rates at Sea-Tac Airport are set to go up between 5% and 25% on July 1.

Hourly general parking rates will increase from $4 to $5, daily rates will increase from $30 to $32, and weekly rates will increase from $140 to $149.

Terminal Direct parking, which is on the fourth floor of the garage and the shortest walk to the terminal, will increase from $5 to $6 for hourly parking and from $37 to $39 for daily parking.

Sea-Tac says it has increased parking rates just twice in the past decade, the last of which was two years ago.

Revenue from parking goes toward airport infrastructure projects, such as lighting, painting, emergency phones, and upgraded electric vehicle charging, according to Sea-Tac.

The new parking rates come as Sea-Tac anticipates another record summer travel season. The eighth busiest airport in the country, Sea-Tac expects 170,000 passengers to pass through its terminal daily.