In mid-February, property tax bills will be sent out in King County. This year, property taxes are going up. On average, it will be a 17 percent increase. However, in Carnation, property tax bills will spike more than 31 percent.

At Pete's Club Grill in Carnation, bartender Laura Roe says it is already difficult to pay the bills.

"I work three jobs just to kind of live comfortably," said Roe. "I'm kind of shocked. I mean we just closed on our house in June, so I don't know too much about property taxes. But I'm guessing it is going to make some kind of drastic increase."

About half of the property tax bill is the result of voter-approved measures. Property tax revenues collected will go toward fire protection levies in Maple Valley, Vashon, and Skyway. The money will also pay for the renewal of the veterans, seniors and Human Services levy in King County, and school bonds for Shoreline and Federal Way. Roughly, 57 percent of property tax revenues will go toward schools.

Here is a breakdown of property tax increases for each city in King County.