In this week's A Family for Me, we meet 14-year-old Makayla. She's one of nearly 1,400 kids in Washington available for adoption.

Soft-spoken and thoughtful, Makayla enjoys reading, journaling and creating art. Whether it's spending one-on-one time with a trusted adult or with friends, she enjoys shopping, watching movies, playing cards, going out to eat, attending church, and celebrating holidays.

A good athlete, Makayla loves playing soccer. She is learning to appreciate the value of healthy food and exercise. And a family that can support a healthy lifestyle will be important for this 8th grader.

Makayla has been through a lot in her young life, and has been receiving counseling to help to her heal and cope with past trauma.

Makayla is most comfortable in a low-key environment. A parent or parents who can help her take pride in her African American heritage and provide opportunities to participate in cultural and community activities, would be enriching for Makayla. Mostly, she is looking for a forever family that can mentor and guide her.