KING 5 South Bureau Chief Drew Mikkelsen said the shooting at a Florida school last month and the mass shooting in Las Vegas brought back the gun debate to Olympia.

Last week state lawmakers banned bump stocks. Bump stocks are trigger devices that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire more rapidly. The governor is expected to sign that into law this week.

“If it weren’t for the Las Vegas shooting, this wouldn’t have come up,” Mikkelsen said on “The Sound” podcast.

Mikkelsen said SB 6620 faces a tougher road to get through Olympia. It would raise the purchase age from 18 to 21 for semiautomatic rifles or shotguns with what are considered “tactical features.” The buyers would also need to pass an enhanced state-background check.

The bill would also enhance school security and would set up a system for students to anonymously report suspicious activity.