A Lynnwood man is gaining attention for a unique collection that has now been growing for more than four decades. Kevin Grigsby owns the "Vinyl Garage," a record store out of the garage in his Lynnwood home.

Grigsby bought his first record in 1964. Since then his collection has grown to more than 100,000.

“It’s the best record store in the freaking state. I can tell you that and everyone will tell you that,” Grigsby said.

Because his collection has become so big he hasn’t parked a vehicle in his garage in years.

“I haven’t parked in here since I told my wife that these boxes weigh 75 pounds each,” Grigsby said while looking at dozens of boxes.

So what is it about vinyl that he loves so much?

“The vinyl, you hear tracking, you don’t hear tracking it’s not music it’s digital,” Kevin added.

Grigsby has many records that are worth a lot of money, but he’ll be the first to tell you he does not do it for the profits.

You may be surprised to learn what he does with the profits. He feeds ducks.

“I tell people this they think it’s a joke. I need a little scratch money. I feed ducks. Not just in my backyard,” Grigsby said. “Everywhere.”

If you are interested in checking out the "Vinyl Garage" you can find his work out of his home at 21130 22nd Avenue W in Lynnwood.