By any measure, it's an impressive accomplishment.

Students with the Oak Harbor High School robotics team are building a micro-house that will be donated to a local homeless organization.

At just 70 square feet there isn't a lot of room for extras, but what the home lacks in size it more than makes up for in substance.

Oak Harbor robotics team builds tiny house for the homeless

"We're doing our best to make it not just like a hotel where you stay for a few days but a place where people want to live for a while," said junior Logan Ince. "We want it to actually feel like a home."

Thai exchange student Fon Rangsensari designed the house using 3-D modeling software. Everything is planned to make the most of every inch of space. A bench pulls out to form a bed with a closet underneath. A solar panel provides enough electricity to power lights and a small refrigerator. There is running water and a composting toilet. Many of the materials have been donated by the community.

Oak Harbor robotics team builds tiny house for the homeless

"It feels really good," said Fon.

While no actual robots were used by the team in the construction of the home, it's about more than that.

"We want the kids to be part of something bigger than they are," said teacher Che Edoga. "We want them to give back. I think this also teaches kids they can use engineering principles to solve bigger problems than just making robots."

The house is one of two the team is building that will soon be put to use in Oak Harbor.

"I think it's really great that we can do this to help people," said Logan Ince. "I'm really excited to finish this one up and start on the next one."