SEATAC, Wash. — A group of Chinook Middle School students wanted to make sure that everyone received something today for Valentine’s Day. The all-boys group is called “Los Siete” and handed out candies and flowers for Valentine’s Day.

The boys dressed up in button-down shirts and ties and stood in hallways with flowers and candies that they handed out to fellow students. 

“It’s a way to show them that we care and that we are not selfish of our self,” said one of the boys of Los Siete.

“I feel like somebody at least noticed me,” said one student. 

Another student said, “It made some people who don’t have the love on Valentine's Day, they gave them love with roses."

The group was led by teacher Reid Sundblad who started the Los Siete group as a mentorship program for seven boys, and the group has grown. The group has impacted many students and Sundblad was named Outstanding Teacher of the Year for Highline Public Schools.

KING 5 photojournalist Emily Landeen shares the story