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Hope is served after Ballard food truck experiences 4 break-ins since April

The owner of Nirvana Food Truck said the most recent burglary resulted in two broken doors and several items stolen, including cooking appliances, food and iPads.

SEATTLE — A food truck owner in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood is getting support from the community after his food truck was broken into four times since it opened in April. 

The most recent burglary happened this past week. 

Nirvana Food Truck serves wood fired pizza and Mediterranean sandwiches, and is operated by Goodarz Hosseinidangi and his wife. Hosseinidangi has lived in Seattle for seven years and is originally from Iran.

With most of his savings spent on opening the food truck, the break-ins were especially disheartening and challenging.

“I was work hard for a long time to save money and open this food truck,” said Hosseinidangi.

One time, the burglars took things such as drinks, utensils, and napkins from a shed that they pried the door off of. The two other times, they broke into areas where they did not steal anything. 

The most recent time, this past week, the burglars broke into two doors and got into the main part of the food truck. He said they took everything from iPads, to cooking appliances, to meat from the fridge, and other food.

Hosseinidangi said he showed up Monday morning to find the truck broken into, things scattered throughout the truck and missing items.

“This is like so sad and I feel broken hearted, like especially for a small business like me,” said Hosseinidangi.

He even slept inside his food truck one night when he was waiting for a lock to be fixed.

“The two doors was broke, so I just drove my wife home and came back here. I slept here,” said Hosseinidangi.

He hopes other businesses will be safe and that thefts like this don't happen to anyone else. 

He said his broken heart has now been healing, thanks to people in the area who heard about the crimes and wanted to support them.

“I thought I would come down and support them, help them get back on their feet, because it's great to have a place like this,” said Chuck Williams, who lives in Green Lake and came to get lunch from the food truck.

Not only customers, but other local businesses, have stepped in to help too. Washington Alarm is giving him a free alarm system and is monitoring it for free for a year.

“It just makes you feel just so sad because Seattle's a place of people that are here chasing their dreams,” said Bethany Burton with Washington Alarm. “And when you hear that a food truck, especially a small business such as this, is getting broken into multiple times, it pulls on your heart strings. You want to help.”

After feeling defeated, Goodarz said the outpouring of support from the community has restored his hope.

“The people shows love to support me and I got back my hope,” said Hosseinidangi.

He said this community feels like home and it is a place he hopes to serve food to and be a part of for years to come.

“My dream is to have one of the ten top restaurants in Washington,” smiled Hosseinidangi.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Nirvana Food Truck recover from the break-ins and the most recent burglary. The food truck is located at 5401 17th Ave. NW in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. 


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