Do you ever avoid giving blood or getting an IV because you're worried about being poked by a doctor or a nurse while they search for a vein? Now there’s a gadget to help; it’s known as a vein viewer.

The company, Accuvein, released a new technology that acts as a view-finder for veins.

It not only helps nurses see veins easier but protects the patient from being poked multiple times.

"The nurses are able to landscape, and there's a map, and they can see the veins and they are able to give the nurses confidence to start the IVs better and then also gives the patient confidence that we're able to see the vein before we poke the patient with the needle," said Jacob Trierweiler, a clinical nurse manager.

It has improved the patients' experience and the nurses' accuracy.

"It works as a UV light. You can visualize the veins; you can see where the veins are in the patient. You can also see the valves, so you can see which vein will work best for you," said Trierweiler.

It can be used on any patient including children, who might find it a distraction to the worrisome needle.

The portable vein viewing systems are becoming popular in many doctor’s offices and clinics.

Some insurance companies will cover costs for providing one at home for those who self-administer long-term intravenous antibiotics.