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Skincare Q&A: How to keep your skin looking rejuvenated in any climate

A new product trio can help protect your skin from aging and reduce inflammation and irritation from wearing traditional masks. Sponsored by Pour Moi.

SEATTLE — Q: What is Climate-Smart Skincare?

A: Think of it as anti-aging skincare for your zip code. What we found is that when you customize skincare for the climate you live in and the climates you travel to, you get extraordinary results. That’s not just me saying it. It’s taught in medical school that skin changes in different climates. Pour Moi Skincare brought you the first Climate-Smart skincare in the world. You have to use different products for the different seasons and climates you go to. 

Credit: Pour Moi Skincare
The difference 2 years can make using Pour Moi's Climate-Smart skincare

Q: You have two patents for your products. Is that unusual in the beauty industry? 

A: Very unusual. Ninety-seven percent of the products you see on the shelves actually are the same formula or very similar, so they don’t have a patent. Pour Moi is completely unique. We had to do our homework and prove that it actually works and is unique. We were rewarded with not just one patent, but with two. 

Q: There’s a new skin condition people are calling “maskne.” Do you have a solution for that?

A: Yes! “Maskne” is irritation, inflammation and break outs from wearing masks. Moisture gets trapped between your mask and skin, and that’s not good. Our smart Pour Moi mask is designed with this skin condition in mind. The material is cutting-edge moisture management fabric that helps moisture move off the skin. It’s designed with a bridge, so it gives you more room around your nose and mouth for moisture to evaporate. It complies with CDC guidelines.

Q: What does the Seattle skincare plan look like? 

A: The trio is Day Cream, Night Cream and a Pour Moi Smart Mask. Our iconic Temperate Day Cream is what you need now in Seattle for useful, beautiful skin. The Night Cream is scientifically developed to align with skin’s renewal process at night. It’s all made in France with clean ingredients and is vegan. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Get the Climate-Smart® 24-Hour Skin Saving Trio: The Pacific Northwest for $49. Regular price is $89. 

Credit: Pour Moi Skincare
The trio contains Climate-Smart Day Cream and Night Cream, along with a Smart Mask to protect your skin from “maskne.”

Q: How are you helping protect us from harmful blue light?

A: Damaging blue light from computers and mobile devices really puts skin aging into overdrive. Our Secret Jasmine Flower Mask creates an invisible screen and shield in your skin to help block some of this damaging blue light. The good news is blue light doesn’t give us diseases. The bad news is that it goes so deep into your skin that it really compromises the center of your skin that creates all of the collagen, your natural anti-aging skincare ingredient. This is a very important mask. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Get the Secret Jasmine Flower Mask for $35. Regular price is $42. 

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