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The Last Blockbuster movie is coming to Netflix - What's Up This Week

Blockbuster probably regrets not buying Netflix when it had the chance. #k5evening

St. Patrick's Day Dash / March 13 & 14 / Green Lake Park  

Want to go for a run? The 37th Annual St. Patrick's Day Dash is happening. And it's not virtual! The 2021 dash will take place at Green Lake Park on March 13 & 14. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, each day will have a limited capacity of participants. You can register online here.

Kid 90 / March 12 / Hulu  

Loved the 90's? Actress Soleil Moon Frye, who played Punky Brewster on NBC, has made a documentary about the experiences she - and other child actors - who grew up in the tv spotlight. You can flashback when Kid 90 drops on Hulu on Friday, March 12.

The Last Blockbuster / March 15 / Netflix  

Speaking of docs, the film The Last Blockbuster documents the last remaining Blockbuster Video store, which is located in Bend, Oregon, and explains the factors that ultimately lead to the demise of video stores around the world. No rewinding will be required when it hits Netflix on March 15.

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