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McDonald's, Seahwaks Team-Up for Hawks Box & Blue Fri-Day

McDonald's, Seahwaks Team-Up for Hawks Box & Blue Fri-Day
McDonald's Hawk Box

restaurant owner Dennis Morris and his daughter Lauren Morris explain the unique new partnership between the Seahwaks and McDonald's.

The local McDonald's operators are so proud to support our Super Bowl Champions, and so they're celebrating this new season in a big way. Perfect for your next tailgate party, they have created the new 'Hawks Box'. For just $15 get 20 all-white meat Chicken McNuggets, 2 juicy Big Mac sandwiches, and two medium French Fries – plus a FREE Seahawks team decal. Fans can also complete their tailgate look with FREE temporary tattoos with the purchase of any Large Extra Value Meal.

Blue Fri-Day

ID=14622702Download the McD App and get FREE Medium Fries with any purchase, every Blue Friday all season long. A portion of all fries sold goes to the local Ronald McDonald House Charity… All Day - Every Day - All Fries.

Dennis Morris is a local owner operator who has managed his business here in the Seattle Area (Snohomish) for 18 years now. As a native New Yorker, Dennis moved out here when working for the McDonald's corporation, nearly 20 years ago. Dennis fell in love with Seattle and decided he DID not want to leave and that he wanted to raise his family out here… so before he could be relocated (which often happens), Dennis applied to become an Owner Operator, where he could run his OWN business — while partnering with a brand that he was extremely passionate about… McDonald's. Dennis worked extremely hard to earn the title of "Approved Operator", but ultimately, in-time; Dennis got his wish… And the rest is history

Lauren Morris is one of Dennis' three daughters. She was raised as a teenager here in Seattle and of course, in the family restaurants — and just like her dad — she became very passionate about the family business and wanted to be a part of it. Lauren has since become what is known as a 2nd Gen. operator — which is a rigorous program put in place for family who wants to be a part of the business. Not just anyone can be a McDonald's operator nor can anyone just "inherit" the family business - No handouts. Lauren worked her way up from the bottom to the top. Starting as crew and then earning roles as a manager and supervisor - Lauren was poised for success. After 10 years of growth, Lauren chose to participate in a rigorous "2nd Gen." training program, which included courses in business management, operations and human resources. After 2 more years of hard work, Lauren became an approved operator, just liker Dad… and has been overseeing the families' six restaurants, for the last 5 years.

Lauren and Dennis are part of an operator co-operative, made up of 28 other families, just like theirs. As a matter of fact, 75% of the restaurants here in Western Washington are locally owned family business - with stories just like the Morris.'

The Morris' and their entire operator group are HUGE Seahawks fans. So passionate in-fact that they wanted to bring the 12th Man into the restaurants. The Seahawks and local McDonald's operators have started a new partnership for the 2014/15 season and couldn't be more excited.

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