EDMONDS, Wash. — Michelle Li of KING 5 Morning News guest hosted with Evening tonight, and we visited one of her favorite restaurants. Stars in the Sky has been making Korean fried chicken since 2012, as well as beautiful music in noraebang (karaoke) booths. The unique name is a historic reference, according to owner Prince Yoo:

"Stars in the Sky, basically some of the older record stores and coffee shops, back when Korea was coming out of the war effort, they would call those places 'Stars in the Sky' because it would be dark inside and they would have records up top and different stars up there."

Evening at Stars in the Sky
Michelle Li, Jim Dever, Ellen Meny, Prince Yoo and Stars in the Sky gang in Edmonds
KING5 Evening

Yoo says the restaurant's specialty is fried chicken, fresh from Mount Vernon, that's never been frozen. You can get it Korean style - aka naked - spicy, sweet and spicy, or sauced in honey butter garlic. It's all perfectly crispy, and made for sharing with friends while belting out Disney classics in a noraebang booth (25 dollars an hour, 13 dollars for 30 minutes). 

There's spicy and creamy dducboki - for noodle lovers. And if you're craving comfort food, corn cheese is where you want to go. Don't question, just order and dig in. You can do so freely because all meals come with a side of cool little finger gloves so you can eat with your hands and not get messy.

Corn Cheese

Wash it all down with a yogurt soju: soju is a Korean spirit made with rice.

Yogurt soju at Stars in the Sky
Yogurt soju at Stars in the Sky - soju is a Korean spirit made from rice
KING5 Evening

During weekend nights the tiny place is packed, Michelle Li says, and full of the sound of different languages being spoken - and sung. 

Stars in the Sky | 23830 Highway 99 Suite 121 Edmonds WA 98026 | (425) 582-8802

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