Next time you stay at a luxury resort, look for the little red 'c' on the linens...if you find it, that means these sheets are 'Comphy'. Really.

Comphy, based near Bellingham, has been making luxury linens since 2003 when owner Mia Richardson, a spa director at the time, wanted a sheet that could stand up to a spa environment.

"You know when we started the company I really had no intention of having a home line, I really set out to have a luxury performance fabric for the spa. But people would notice the difference when they had a massage and find my tag and look us up online,” said Richardson.

Thanks to that demand, today Comphy makes everything you need to dress a bed, plus robes, baby linens, even knit throws.

“It's really all come from the customer telling us where to go next,” said Richardson.

Today, Comphy's clients include the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton, and Miraval Spa.

They even supply bedding to TV's Treehouse Masters.

Mia and her director of sales Jessica Carrington, who also happens to be her daughter, travel the world -- selling sheets that promote better sleep:

"We also did a sleep study a couple of years back, and we found that clients who slept on our sheets not only fell asleep faster, they stayed asleep longer, and said they had a more restful night's sleep,” Carrington said.

Comphy manufactures their microfiber sheets in China, and their factory in Ferndale makes custom items like pillows.

And this mother/daughter team knows their bediquette -- like how do to properly deal with the plethora of pillows on a well-made bed:

"They're allowed to be on the floor, on a couch, or on a chair that's nearby. I like to keep them organized. Out of stepping range,” explains Carrington.

You can get a set of Comphys yourself for approximately a hundred-and-fifty-dollars:

“It's really something that you have to feel, it's just a different texture and amazing softness to the sheets,” said Carrington.

It's a way to buy local -- and sleep tight.

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