COPALIS BEACH, Wash. — When you see the upside-down boat, you made it! The first thing you notice is the sound. The waves crash on the edge of our world at your Best Northwest Escapes 2018 winner for Best Cabins...Iron Springs Resort.

The True family runs the resort and they treat guests like they've been treated for decades.

"I came here as a kid when I was 10-years-old. And my family came here when they were just children. The place wasn't in great shape so we came to revive it and save it for another generation," said Resort co-owner Doug True.

The site's been a gathering place for as long as anyone can recall.

Each place has fuel just outside the door and a wood-burning stove inside or you can romp through the rainforest or hit the beach.

Cabins were built in the 1940's here. The True's took it over and renovated them all, re-opening in July of 2011.

"It's pretty surreal. I grew up here as a kid and dad's been coming here forever. It's been wonderful to work with family and be able to bring this place back up to what it should be," said co-owner Dustin True.

Each of the 25 cabins faces the Pacific Ocean, but number 14 (referring to the cabin number) seems to be the most popular.

"It's got some of the best views on the property. It also has the most recurring guests that come back, some even three to four times a year."

Dogs are welcome here and water bowls are provided so you're sure to be greeted by resort mascot Sheba. Canines and humans alike return year after year to these comfy cabins on the coast.

"Whenever anyone comes here, I ask which cabin they're staying in and I always say that's a great cabin. They're just all great and all different."

Iron Springs Resort is the 2018 winner for Best Cabins in the 2018 Best Northwest Escapes contest sponsored by Washington's Playground.

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