SEATTLE — The Bangrak market is a famous market in Bangkok, known for its bounty of delicious street food. Thousands of miles away, Seattle has its very own Bangrak Market in Belltown- a restaurant bringing central Thai street food to the city.

Step inside, and you'll feel like you've entered a market- this restaurant is incredibly colorful and lively, featuring dozens of delicious dishes and drinks.

Bangrak Market
You'll find all types of Thai street food at Bangrak Market, from fried Red Snapper to yellow curry.

Bangrak Market doesn't just do colorful food- they have tasty (and usually colorful) drinks as well.

From popular Thai iced tea to their stunning Bangrak Purple Drop, these drinks are as photo-worthy as they are delightful.

Bangrak Purple Drop
The Bangrak Purple Drop is just one of their many colorful drinks!

Bangrak Market gives you a taste of Thailand's street food right in Belltown. Come for the food, stay for the wonderful ambiance, and be prepared to bring friends- you'll want to order lots of different things!

Bangrak Market | 2319 2nd Ave | 206-735-7352 

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