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The atmosphere of this eye-catching Belltown restaurant is as colorful as its food!

Bangrak Market in Belltown serves Thai dishes in an ultra-colorful space made to look like the real Bangrak Market in Bangkok.

SEATTLE — The Bangrak market is a famous market in Bangkok, known for its bounty of delicious street food. Thousands of miles away, Seattle has its very own Bangrak Market in Belltown- a restaurant bringing central Thai street food to the city.

Step inside, and you'll feel like you've entered a market- this restaurant is incredibly colorful and lively, featuring dozens of delicious dishes and drinks.

Credit: KING 5
You'll find all types of Thai street food at Bangrak Market, from fried Red Snapper to yellow curry.

Bangrak Market doesn't just do colorful food- they have tasty (and usually colorful) drinks as well.

From popular Thai iced tea to their stunning Bangrak Purple Drop, these drinks are as photo-worthy as they are delightful.

Credit: KING 5
The Bangrak Purple Drop is just one of their many colorful drinks!

Bangrak Market gives you a taste of Thailand's street food right in Belltown. Come for the food, stay for the wonderful ambiance, and be prepared to bring friends- you'll want to order lots of different things!

Bangrak Market | 2319 2nd Ave | 206-735-7352 

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