SEATTLE — If cats have nine lives, the Bradic's cat, Traffic, used them all the first day they brought him home.

"I just thought keep going 65 because no animal is going to jump out of the car going 65 miles an hour. But he did," said Christina Bradic, Traffic’s owner.

Traffic has had many more daring years, but around 16 he took a turn for the worse.

"He wasn't being very playful at all and just kind of lethargic," said Ljubomir Bradic.

Among other ailments, Traffic was diagnosed with dangerously high liver enzyme level.

"At this point, that enzyme that was supposed to be about 75 was at 850. And he really wasn't looking good," said Christina.

After steroids failed to help, their vet suggested another form of treatment.

"If you are interested in herbs or any other alternative medicine there's this vet in Fremont."

For over a decade, Darla Rewers has been helping pets heal at Ancient Art Holistic Veterinary services. Among the many treatments she provides is one most think only humans receive: acupuncture.

"It's really minimally evasive," said Dr. Rewers. "There's these little tiny needles that can really affect a lot of change."

Dr. Rewers has performed acupuncture for a variety of ailments on just about every animal imaginable.

"The acupuncture points actually communicate with the main part of the nervous system," said Dr. Rewers. "And all those nerve endings connect and communicate so that the body can restore, repair, remodel and rebuild."

Traffic has been getting treatments for 3 years now and other than an occasional hiss or two, he takes it like a champ.

"We're doing points to help his joints and his immune system as well as his liver," said Dr. Rewers.

As for Traffic's high liver enzyme level, that went down almost immediately.

"After 3 treatments they found that the enzymes that was at 850 dropped to about 200," said Christina.

"You can visibly see their expression change over the course of an acupuncture treatment. You can tell they feel better."

Today, Traffic is about as healthy as a 19-year-old cat can be. And although acupuncture does not always work, in Traffic's case it's added on a few more lives.

"I don't know how long he's going to keep going but I don't think he's going away anytime soon," Ljubomir said.

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