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Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig interviewed by 8 year old for Despicable Me 3

The fan base for the Despicable Me franchise is a passionate one, including 8-year-old Mae Piercy.
<p>Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell pose with Mae Piercy after her interview about <em>Despicable Me 3</em>.</p>

The fan base for the Despicable Me franchise is a passionate one, including 8-year-old Mae Piercy.

She interviewed Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig about their roles as Gru and Lucy in Despicable Me 3.

PIERCY: "I've watched Despicable Me 2 thirteen times. Which movie have you watched the most?”

WIIG: “First of all, that's a lot of times.”

CARELL: “Did you get sick of it?”

PIERCY: “No. (laughs)

CARELL: “Oh good, that's a good sign for us. Boy, the movie I've probably seen more than any other movie...”

WIIG: “Maybe for me, it's probably Airplane. Or Sunset Boulevard. Totally different!”

CARELL: “Young Frankenstein is probably the one I've seen more than any."

PIERCY: "How long did it take to learn how to speak Minion?"

CARELL: "I can't really speak Minion… the director who plays a bunch of the minions kind of talked me through it. There's a science to talking Minion, which I still don't completely understand."

PIERCY: "What would your best move be in a dance fight?”

CARELL: "I'd say Moonwalk for me. Because you're going backwards but you look like you're going forward and it really messes people up - it messes up your mind."

WIIG: "I would do a quick spin and run the other way in a fight.”

PIERCY: "If your brother ever picked on you, what would you do?”

CARELL: “I have three older brothers and they did pick on me, so I know exactly what I would do. 'Mom, Dad!'"

PIERCY: "In the movie, Lucy's powerful because she's becoming a mom. When do you act powerful in your own life?”

WIIG: “Oh my goodness, that's a great question. I think it’s when, if I have to make a decision about something, I try not to listen to what a lot of other people have to say about it and I really check in with myself and know I can make my own decisions.”

PIERCY: "How do you do the voice for Gru and Lucy and what do you think while you do the voice?"

WIIG: "Mine is very similar to my voice. I just kind of add a lot of energy and have some caffeine beforehand."

CARELL: "(using Gru accent) I just kind of talk like, I put the voice down kind of in my throat, and the enunciation - I'm really not from any particular country, I just kind of sound weird."

WIIG: "She's freaking out that you're doing the voice right now. She's seen it 13 times.”

CARELL: “Wow, 13 times."

Despicable Me 3 is rated PG and comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD on Dec. 5.

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