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Western Washington had an especially dark winter

We've had few sunny days over the past three months, according to weather station data from Sea-Tac.

SEATAC, Wash. — If you thought this winter has been darker than usual, you’re absolutely right, and there's data to back that up.

Other than the past few days, we have not seen a completely sunny day since November 30, according to the weather station at Sea-Tac. 

That means these past few days this week have been the sunniest of winter so far. Meteorological winter is defined as December, January, and February. 

December was cloudy 26 of the 31 days, with zero sunny days.

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January was especially dark with 28 of the 31 days being mostly cloudy or overcast, according to data from the weather station. 

There have been only two sunny days in February so far. However, we’re still getting less than half of the amount of solar energy that a typical sunny summer day gets. For example, Feb. 18 (a sunny day) saw 9.7 MJ/m² of solar energy input. Compare that to June 29, 2019 (also a sunny day), which saw 23.7MJ/m² of solar energy input. 

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This makes sense given days are much longer in the summer, and the sun is also much higher in the sky.

As we edge closer to spring, you can bet we'll see more sunshine.