Watch out for the Northern Lights again tonight – the Pacific Northwest could get a good view!

We’re currently under a Geomagnetic Storm Watch this week for potential Aurora Borealis. The Space Weather Prediction Center has us between a G1 and a G2 stage, which basically means we’ll be in the minor to moderate zone for viewing capabilities.

Based on the current forecast, Wednesday may be a better show than Tuesday The question will be how quickly we clear out. A weak front set to roll through the region on Wednesday, and a mostly cloudy day is expected. However, we should begin to clear out after sundown. Check Aurora 30-minute forecast.

The Northern Lights are created when the sun has a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). It’s when a large disruption, like a fireball or solar flare, shoots from the sun’s surface and ejects into space. This causes an enormous amount of energy. That energy enters our atmosphere and interacts with ions, causing them to illuminate.

If you snag any photos of the event this week, send them to or use #k5explore on social media.