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No salt, no problem: Alternatives to sidewalk salt during Washington snowstorm

With stores short on ice melt and sidewalk salt, here are some other products you can use to avoid slipping outside your home.

Around Western Washington, snow often means ice on the roads and sidewalks. 

Residents have been urged to clear ice from driveways ahead of a winter storm that's expected to bring 4-8 inches of snow this weekend.

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So, if you can't find any salt, what are some other products you can use? 

1. Sand

Sand absorbs sunlight to melt ice and helps with traction, according to Consumer Reports.

2. Kitty litter

Kitty litter won't help melt the ice, but it does provide traction.

3. Alfalfa meal

If you're looking for a natural alternative, look no further. Alfalfa meal is actually a highly effective ice-melting substance, according to Farmers' Almanac. Because of its texture, it also provides traction. 

4. Vinegar

According to Mr. Pavement, vinegar will help melt snow and ice, but you might need to apply it a few times.

5. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are good for traction due to their texture. Grounds also absorb sunlight, according to Mr. Pavement, which helps to melt snow and ice. 

6. Beet juice

Beet juice will help melt snow, but it cannot be used alone; you need to mix it with salt. The sugar in the beets allows the salt to melt the ice at a cooler temperature.

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