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Tips for staying safe in a storm

Here are some tips from the Kent Fire Department on how to prepare and keep your family safe during a storm.

When a storm hits, be prepared to keep your family safe. Here's some tips from the Kent Fire Department.

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When at home:

• Keep your gutters clean and free of debris.

• Help your local street department and clean out storm drains near your home to avoid flooding.

• Store any items that might blow away or be damaged by rain and wind.

• Assess whether your home is at risk due to falling branches.

• Have essentials like baby food, diapers, and medications stocked up.

• Have flashlights and extra batteries ready.

• Have a plan in case you cannot stay in your home.

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When you are on the road:

• Check for weather and road conditions before driving.

• Always obey “road closed” signs. They are there for a reason.

• Never drive through moving water, which can sweep even a heavy vehicle away.

• Avoid driving through any standing water. Water can hide lane markers, ditches, and washed out roads.

• If you have to drive through water, drive slowly and steadily. Driving fast can cause you to lose control, flood your engine, and cause difficulties for other drivers.

• Once clear of standing water, drive slowly and tap your brakes to dry them.

• If your vehicle becomes stranded in standing or moving water and you cannot get out safely, call 9-1-1.

• Heavy rain can cause mud, trees, and other debris to slide onto roadways.

• If traveling over mountain passes, check for conditions, closures, and tire restrictions.

• Whenever driving in bad weather, carry a cell phone.

• Carry boots, a rain coat, and umbrella when traveling in wet conditions. This includes for any children in the vehicle.

Ultimately, your safest move may be to stay indoors. If you don't have to go out when it's really stormy, don't.