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Western Washington forecast

Fog and clouds continue to keep mostly gray today but sun above 1-2,000 feet. Gradually more sun at the lower elevations during the week. Rain for the weekend!


Locally dense fog this morning otherwise cloudy skies. Mostly cloudy this afternoon with some sunbreaks. Partly to mostly sunny above about 1,000 ft this afternoon. Highs in the upper 30 to low 40s, except upper 40s near the foothills. Light winds. 


A massive ridge of high pressure is setting up over the PNW. High pressure keeps anything trying to come in off the Pacific away from us. It'll be diverted up and over us, courtesy of the clockwise flow of highs. 

The lack of weather keeps wind almost completely still at the surface. That allows fog to form and makes it slow to clear. The end result is a "theoretically" sunny day. We experienced something very similar last weekend. This condition could last several days. Aside from offshore breezes up to 20 mph along the coast in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties, we might not see any meaningful wind until at least Thursday! The mountains could be a good option for sun-seekers as well. 

The NWS has issued an Air Stagnation Advisory from Sunday through Wednesday. This could trigger a burn ban, especially in valleys or low-lying areas where smoke can settle and not escape up into the atmosphere like it normally does. 

On a brighter note, sunset is set to happen after 5 p.m. in Seattle next Wednesday, which is the first time since November 6.