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Western Washington Forecast

Not a bad Holiday weekend - there will be a little rain at times, especially Saturday, but there will also be sunshine at times! Sunshine and warm for midweek!


Rain chances increase this morning for South Sound and by late Saturday morning for Central Sound. The rain will continue on and off throughout the day once it starts. Rain for Central Puget Sound will be light with more moderate rain for South Sound. North Puget Sound is expected to remain largely dry by cloudy. Temperatures this afternoon will stay in the mid-50s for South Puget Sound, upper 50s for Central Sound, and lower 60s for North Sound. 


A weak warm front, aimed mainly at Oregon, lifts up into western Washington on Saturday for cloudy skies and some occasional light rain mainly from Everett southward. Pockets of heavier rain are expected for the Southwest Interior and South Sound.

Rain chances are best Saturday evening into Sunday morning for many areas but by Sunday afternoon we will see a mix of off and on showers and sunbreaks. Temperatures will largely stay in the 50s for highs.

It’s looking decent for Memorial Day on Monday, with partly sunny skies and warmer temperatures highs in the mid-60s. But there may be some sprinkles in the Convergence zone area and a couple of afternoon showers in the mountains. Snow levels will stay in the 5,000 - 6,000 feet range. 

As you would expect, spring weather returns Tuesday through Thursday with more sunshine and highs warming into the low to mid-70s, although there might be a couple of showers around on Thursday. Wednesday could be the warmest day thus far in 2022.