Puget Sound Forecast: Rainy and breezy - changing to off an on showers later afternoon. Highs in the upper 40s and low 50s. Winds southerly 10-20 mph gusting into the 20s. 

Mountain Forecast:  Rain or snow at times today. Snow level increasing to 4,000 feet. Additional 5-10 inches of new snow on Wednesday. Pass temperatures in the mid-30s. 

Coast Forecast:  Off and on showers during the afternoon. Highs in the upper 40s. Wind: Southerly 15-25 mph. 

Eastern Washington Forecast: Increasing rain spreading from the west. Highs in the 40s 


A warm front will give us steady rain through most of Wednesday before the cold front zips through in the late afternoon changing the steady rain to off and on showers. 

On Thursday we will get a break in the rain in the morning but a warm front will move during the afternoon as an atmospheric river event begins to form. We used to call an atmospheric river " pineapple express" as it is a long stretch of moisture stretching back to the north of Hawaii all the way to the Pacific Northwest. These situations can produce large amounts of rain and warm temperatures. Fortunately, this looks to be a relatively weak and quick atmospheric river which will limit its impact on western Washington but it still will be wet and mild Friday and Saturday with some flooding. 

Friday will see a rainy day but the heaviest rain will be north of Seattle near the Canadian border. This heavier band will slowly shift southward on Saturday for another wet day.

A cold front will drop down from the northwest later on Saturday changing the steady rain to off and on showers.  Sunday will start with rain showers but by later in the day the snow level should drop to around 1,000 feet for a chance of rain and snow showers. It doesn't look like any significant accumulations below 1,000 feet. 

The cold air will still be around early on Monday morning with a little moisture so there may be a few snow flurries, but again, no significant accumulations. Skies should turn mostly sunny Monday afternoon. 

On Tuesday a weak warm front will spread increasing rain into western Washington, although it may start as snow or a rain/snow mix in the morning before it turns to rain everywhere by afternoon. 

It looks wet and mid as we move through the first week of February.