The magnitude 4.6 earthquake in Snohomish County Friday is considered a small earthquake. It left some noticeable by slight damage in places but that was on a pretty low scale. 

If this quake was a knock at the door, the next one could break it down. 

Consider these projections. 

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Seismologists estimate a quake in the South Whidbey Island Fault Zone, near where this series of quake happened, is capable of a magnitude 7.5. 

That’s considered very large. 

The Seattle fault could producer a magnitude 7. 

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But the Cascadia Subduction zone, running not only along Washington’s coast, but past Oregon down into Northern California, and up into British Columbia, Canada north of Vancouver Island, could create a magnitude 9 plus.

While Friday's quake didn't produce much damage, it should have alerted you to start listening and get your preparations started. 

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