Snow blanketed the football field at Civic Stadium in Bellingham on Friday evening, but the wintry weather did not keep fans away.

Dale Ferry was in the stands with his granddaughter, Brianna.

"Winter has struck early," said Ferry. "This is what football is all about. You've got to go with the elements."

Making the most of it appeared to be the theme at Richard Bradley's house too. His dog and two others played in the front yard.

"The dogs absolutely love it," he said. "I feel like people see the snow and they are excited about it."

Rebecca Temple said the amount of snow on her car Friday morning came as a surprise.

"I can't remember the last time we had snow this early in November or in November at all," she said.

What does come to mind for Temple is a flashback to February when Whatcom County was covered in snow.

"It was wind storms and trying to put chains on on the side of the road with a foot of snow. It was pretty bad," said Temple.

Back at Civic Stadium, Brianna remembers the February snow too.

"We missed a week and a half or two weeks of school," she said.

Now with fresh snow making an early appearance, many are preparing for cold temperatures and possible icy conditions.

A spokesperson with the Bellingham School District said they are closely watching the forecast. They have a snowy and icy weather bus route plan ready to go on Monday, if necessary.