It’s a rare occasion when we get a solid stretch of dry sunny weather in the month of December. Maybe that’s because December tends to be one of our wettest months, averaging 5.35 inches of rainfall.

Not this year. We’ve only picked up 1.11 inches of rain at Sea-Tac with a very dry outlook ahead.

I know it’s only December 6, so before you think, “Is Jordan going crazy? We still have an entire month ahead of us,” hear me out.

We’re going into a pattern block overhead, which is going control our weather pattern for the next one to two weeks. Yikes! The recent pattern has called for morning fog and afternoon sunshine with chilly temperatures. It will stay this way until the middle part of December.

With the lack of rain in the foreseeable future, I wanted to dig into the record books to see how we’re sitting in the rain department.

As many of us are still haunted by last year’s rainfall, our numbers are extremely healthy as we get ready to close out 2017. We’re currently sitting at the 18th spot for yearly rainfall records . If we happen to get more during the second half of the month, we’ll continue to climb our way to that number 1 spot of 55.14 inches set in 1950. We’re sitting at 43.55 inches year to date.

As the month of December looks, we’re currently in the first place position for driest Decembers on record. These record books date back to 1945.

Here’s a look at some of the top five driest Decembers on record:
1) 1.1 inches (2017)
2) 1.37 inches (1978)
3) 1.66 inches (2013)
4) 1.78 (1985)
5) 1.86 (1976)

As of right now, the forecast calls for a small rain chance around the 13th and 14th of the month. That’s all.