Seattle has broken yet another rain record, and this one surpasses two decades.

Thursday's storms brought thunder and lightning, wind, and rain!

This has helped to set another record at Sea-Tac. Our rain year starts on October 1, and by early Friday morning, we have had 45.90 inches since October 1. That's almost four feet of rain since October.

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The previous rainfall record between October 1 and May 31 was 45.89 inches, which was set back in 1996.

With 36 days between now and June 30, we might break that rainfall record too, which sits at 47.23 inches. Just Puget Sound's normal rainfall for the rest of May and June would be enough to break it.

From precipitation to a lack of clear, sunny days, Western Washington has set several other weather records over the last few months, including second wettest February and the most rainfall between February 1 and April 30. We had 20.38 inches of rainfall over those three months, beating the previous record by 0.65 inches.