Wishing for more snow? You may see some wet snowflakes on the hills above 500 feet early Friday morning, but most of the white stuff will be in the mountains.

A large upper-level low-pressure system spinning off the Washington Coast brought a lot of cold air with it to our area. This will help lower the snow level down close to 500 feet early Friday morning.

A band of showers from the low is rotating through Puget Sound from the south this morning, and it could have some wet snow mixed with the rain.

The morning commute will be dealing with wet roads, but not white roads! The best place to see any snowflakes will be north and east of Seattle on hills well away from the water.

The showers will gradually decrease from the south later this morning and this afternoon with highs into the mid to upper 40’s.

Spring-like Thursday

After hitting 51 at Sea-Tac yesterday (breaking 50 for the first time in 3 weeks!), you may be ready for spring! And the weekend isn’t looking too bad!

We should see sunshine and clouds mixed together with only a slight chance of a shower.

Highs will drop back a bit to the mid to upper 40’s, but the flowers will be a lot happier than they have been recently.