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Saturday sure felt like a summer day across Western Washington! We did see a few record breaking temperatures. Bellingham set a new record at 85, Hoquiam hit 88 for new record, and Quillayute now has a new record of 91. The high in Seattle made it to 89, which is not a new record.

Today will be cooler along the coast, but inland locations will more than likely see record highs as temps bump even warmer than yesterday.

Today's record for Seattle is 88, so we're likely to break that one!

In the southern part of the state, cities such as Shelton and Kelso could even reach the upper 90's.

If you're not a big fan of the heat, keep in mind this is only going to last through today. By tonight, this ridge of high pressure is going to slip east, and onshore wind will increase. This will bring back the ocean-influenced air, and help to cool us back into the 70's as we kick off the new work week.

It looks like temperatures will remain in the 70's through the week. We're likely going to see some marine layer clouds each morning, with some clearing in the afternoon. Temps will pop back up into the mid to upper 70's by next Thursday and Friday.

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