East King County was among the areas hit the hardest by a powerful windstorm on Sunday. That includes the Wilderness Rim neighborhood, where residents were left with quite a mess.

"It seemed like it was lasting forever and the wind just kept picking up and picking up," said Aimee Johnston, who spent the day picking up branches off her lawn.

Wind gusts reached up to 60 mph.

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Wilderness Rim was one of the hardest hit in the area. Power was out and the main entrance to the neighborhood was blocked by downed trees and power lines. As many as 100 power lines came down in the area. It could be three days to a week before power is fully restored. 

Farther south, Joel Pederson awoke to a tree on a home that he owns. 

“I was not expecting to see the tree on top of the house.” 

He was happy that the house absorbed most of the impact and nobody was seriously injured, though some leftover Christmas decorations out in front were damaged.

Pederson said it was a little eerie to be outside as the winds continued to blow. 

“It came in a lot of gusts - so it wasn't constant - but the gusts would really whip around." 

Pederson was trying to make some temporary roof repairs until the insurance company could get out there.  

Puget Sound Energy, the Washington State Department of Transportation, and King County all had crews out Sunday trying to clean up and make repairs.  

Those without generators are getting by during the power outage, but when they hear talk that it could be days in the dark, they do start to get a little worried. 

“My grandmother went to a Denny's this morning because she was cold, really cold. So I hope it comes back soon," Miles Taylor said.