November weather in the Pacific Northwest is typically wet and windy.

Though there is at least a weak El Nino expected this winter that increases the possibility of warmer weather, its impacts likely won't kick in until at least December.

Here are five things you should know about the weather in November:

  • On average, it is the wettest month of the year, averaging a over a half foot of rain at Sea-Tac (6.57”). Expect a continuing line of storms.
  • It can be windy. This year, we have not had any strong winds, leaving a lot of leaves in the trees and a lot of new growth from the summer. This will make the trees more susceptible to blustery weather and causing limbs to break off, which have the potential to block roads and knock out power.
  • Early in November, urban flooding is a risk as leaves clog drains, leaving to standing water in roadways during periods of steady rain and blustery winds. River flooding also occurs fairly often, especially when snow levels are high.
  • According to the Climate Prediction Center, November is expected to have above normal temperatures. Part of this may come from the return of the warm blob of water in the Pacific Ocean that visited us in 2015-16.
  • Although we have a predicted El Nino headed our way for the winter, the effects of El Nino on our weather usually don’t kick in during November. The bulk of the effects happen after the first of the year.

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