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She's attempting to be the youngest to travel the globe by motorcycle. Now, she's on a pit stop in Kingston

It could take 21-year-old Bridget McCutchen up to 18 months to make it all the way around the world.

KINGSTON, Wash. — Bridget McCutchen is making a friendly pit stop at Fat Turnip Farms in Kingston this week as a part of her world tour by motorcycle.

At just 21 years old, McCutchen is in the process of trying to set a record as the youngest female to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle. 

The Wisconsin-born rider said it could take up to 18 months to make it all the way around the world. It’s stops like the one at Fat Turnip Farm that make her want to take it slow and enjoy the people along the way.  

“This whole thing is crowd funded," McCutchen said. "So many people keep showing me support. I even have super cool sponsors that help me because I couldn’t do this alone.”

McCutchen admits it was originally her brother's idea to take on the challenge, but it was her ability to potentially pull that off that inspired her make it a reality.  

“At first it was for fun but now it’s about inspiring other young people to get out and live a dream.” McCutchen said. 

Ren Custer with Fat Turnip Farms said the teenage, female staff is inspired by McCutchen and hopes other people will adopt her along her journey. 

“We’re here to support her as much as we can and, as she says, you couldn’t do something this big by yourself,” Custer said.

She aims to celebrate adventure and change the perceived demographics of motorcycle riders.

“I represent the new generation of riders," McCutchen said. "Young women who enjoy motorcycling are a growing force; they are people who want to be more present, enveloped in the world, not encapsulated in the bubble of a car.”

McCutchen has to follow a few rules to make her record official. She must start and finish in the same location, the journey must be a minimum of 24,900 miles, must ride in both the north and south hemisphere and more. For a complete list of rules, visit her website.

A live GPS tracker allows supporters to see exactly where she’s riding. She will leave Washington state in a few days and will head for South America.

Henry Crew is the current record holder and ended his circumnavigation of the globe at age 23. McCutchen said Crew has been a great resource to her while planning her attempt.

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