Relief may be coming to frustrated travelers at Sea-Tac Airport who are stuck in long Transportation Security Administration lines.

Airport Director Lance Lyttle says Sea-Tac is looking to hire 90 contractors to pick up security jobs for the TSA so trained officers can get back to focusing on passenger and luggage screening.

"We are not going to add additional checkpoint capacity immediately, but we have to look at how we manage these checkpoints," Lyttle said.

The extra long lines have prompted airport officials to tweet warnings and travel tips to passengers about arriving two hours early for a domestic flight. And some airlines are calling out the TSA too.

The TSA finds itself under increasing criticism for its airport staffing levels as the busy travel season begins and airports like Sea-Tac report record passenger growth.

The Department of Homeland Security acknowledges the slow down, but TSA officials say their hands may be tied. Congress has capped the number of uniformed screeners for financial reasons, and agents are required to conduct more inspections of passengers and luggage as it works to close security gaps at U.S. Airports.