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Sea-Tac or Paine Field? Race determines which airport is faster to drive to

We staged a race between the two airports to see who could get to their gate the fastest.

SEATTLE — With a brand new option for airline passengers in western Washington, many now find themselves choosing between flights out of Sea-Tac Airport or Paine Field in Everett.

Paine Field launched commercial passenger flights in March to 24 cities.

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Each have their own benefits when it comes to convenience and options for destinations. 

KING 5's Jake Whittenberg and Ben Dery wanted to know, all things being equal, which airport was faster for travelers. 

To settle the argument, they raced. The starting point: Green Lake in Seattle, which is technically the geographic center between the two airports. Dery went to Paine Field, Whittenberg was off to Sea-Tac. 

Both got to their respective airport in about 25 minutes, but parking and the security line were where the airports differed. By the the time Dery was at the gate in Everett, Whittenberg was still in the TSA line at Sea-Tac.