Cramped quarters in some new Boeing 737 MAX plane bathrooms are drawing complaints from customers and flight attendants.

Specifically, the smaller lavatories are confined to American Airlines’ newer jets. American is one of just a few carriers flying the new 737 MAX, which is built in Washington state. The bathrooms were built to the airline's specifications.

The new bathrooms are 24 ½ inches wide. That’s 10 inches more narrow than the airline’s older 737 models.

The smaller bathrooms allow American to fit 12 more seats in the cabin.

Customers and flight attendants have complained the sinks are so tiny, they can only wash one hand at a time.

They're designed with a "notch" so that the last seat is right up against the wall of the bathroom.

The Los Angeles Times also reports flight attendants are complaining because when both bathroom doors are open at the back of the plane -- flight attendants are trapped in the galley.

The airline says it's looking to fix that problem.