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Firewood vending machine? This Washington state park has one

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission said the machine could be a game-changer, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic for social distancing.
Credit: Wash. Parks & Rec. Commission
Russ Harvey of Dancing Tree Farms and Services on Orcas Island demonstrates the firewood vending machine, July 2020.

SAN JUAN COUNTY, Wash. — A vending machine that dispenses firewood? A man in San Juan County is making it possible. 

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission posted a photo on its Facebook this week saying Russ Harvey of Dancing Tree Farms and Services on Orcas Island has developed a firewood vending machine. 

Campers can insert $7 and a bundle of firewood comes out anytime, day or night. 

The Parks and Recreation Commission said something like this could be a game-changer for campers and recreators during the coronavirus pandemic while people are trying to maintain their social distance.

"This no-contact service is especially welcome during this COVID-19 pandemic," said park officials in their Facebook post

Did you know? Washington State Parks administers the state's Boating... Program. The program provides leadership in boating safety and environmental education and outreach. The goal of the program is to reduce accidents and fatalities, increase stewardship of Washington waterways, and keep recreational boating a safe, accessible and enjoyable pastime. www.parks.wa.gov/boating.

The firewood vending machine is now installed at Moran State Park on Orcas Island. 

The wood is sourced on the island so it won't contain any unwanted pests from other parts of the state. 

Park officials said if the firewood vending machine works out, they may add another machine at the park and consider adding this service to other state parks as well. 

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