You could be forgiven if you didn’t sign the birthday card this year for North Cascades National Park. A lot of people missed the 50th-anniversary celebration.

However, one very inspired Seattle photographer was so determined not to let the park’s anniversary go unnoticed that he took up an incredible challenge. Scott Kranz committed to summit 50 peaks in North Cascades National Park in one epic summer.

While the pictures are incredible, Kranz‘s personal story of how the park transformed his life is also inspirational.

In the past four years, he has transformed himself into one of Washington’s most important outdoor nature photographers.

He has also partnered with Washington's National Park Fund, the only philanthropic organization dedicated exclusively to supporting Washington state’s three great national parks through charitable contributions. 

If North Cascades looks like a place you’d like to help support, you can do so by clicking here.

Washington's National Park Fund
Washington's National Park Fund logo.
Washington's National Park Fund

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