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Head out on a Pi pilgrimage to Port Angeles for 3/14!

Roadtrip! #k5evening

PORT ANGELES, Wash. — Don’t settle for mere pie on Pi Day. Instead, go on a Pi Day road trip to the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center sculpture park. Walk down a wooded path and you’ll find it. A giant stainless steel Pi. Created by Orcas Island artist Micajah Bienvenu.

"I was doing a series of arches and it's amazing how the Pi symbol just kinda leaps out at you as the perfect arch."

It's called 'Pi ala Mode' and it’s one of four he's sculpted.

You can find the other ones everywhere from the San Juan Islands to North Carolina.

This Greek letter is the symbol for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It’s a mathematical constant, an irrational number.

It also makes cool art.

“You can think of Pi as this number or this unknowable thing, or you can be transformed as you walk through Pi, so that's sort of the idea,” said Bienvenu.

And the symbol is far easier to sculpt in steel than 3.14159265…. You get the idea.

“Right it's infinite.”

All of Bienvenu’s Pis inspire people to pass through. A bagpiper stood underneath the one in Port Angeles and viola – The Pi’ed Piper.

“What I want you to come away with mainly is some joy and some happiness from it,” said Bienvenu, who’s now experimenting with 3D printed plastic shapes that are lit from within. Maybe we’ll see a new Pi soon. Meanwhile, now you have a perfect Pi Day pilgrimage. Happy 3/14!

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