Hiking season is here. If you are new to hiking, or to the Northwest, here are a few of the (sometimes) unwritten rules of the trail, with help from experienced mountaineer, Manisha Powar.

1) Pack out the poop - This is one of the biggest challenges in keeping the trails, especially trailheads, clean. Make sure you pack out human waste.

Hiking Pacific Crest Trail
Ben Dery

2) Yield to uphill traffic - Hikers are working hard when going uphill. Give them the right of way when you encounter a narrow passage.

Hiking Mount Saint Helens
Ben Dery

3) Keep pets on a leash - This is not only for the safety of people, but pets as well. Even if your dog plays well with others, there might be other dogs that are on leashes that don't.

Hiking Anacortes Community Forest Lands
Ben Dery

4) Don't feed the wildlife - You don't want wildlife to become dependent on you leaving food. When you leave, it may become more difficult for them to feed themselves if they've grown accustomed to getting food from humans.

Hiking Ozette Triangle
Ben Dery

5) Avoid playing loud music - There is a lot of debate about this within the hiking community. Basically, many hikers head out to nature to escape the bustle and noise of city life. Try not to impact somebody else's experience.

Mount Saint Helens
Ben Dery

6) Leave no trace - Whatever you take into the mountains, take it out. Let wild places be wild.

If you have a hike that you want to share, email bdery@king5.com.