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Tucked away within the Olympic Peninsula sits Ruby Beach, a quiet getaway with 6 miles of walkable beach.

Not necessarily a hike, the beach offers a great spot for a lunch as you explore the rest of the peninsula. A short walk from the parking lot takes you through a few evergreen trees and dense tropical brush.

There's a little creek that you can follow down to the ocean. Watch your step as you cross over the huge field of driftwood, a boneyard of the massive trees that once stood tall in the forest.

Think twice before running into the ocean. The air temperature is about 50 degrees and the water feels just as cold.

Depending on the tide, you can sometimes walk right out to the larger sea stacks.

Once you get to the Olympia Peninsula take Highway 101 right up to the beach.

Thanks, Robin Kiehn for the suggestion! If you have an undiscovered hike or favorite viewpoint send them to mornings@king5.com.